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Christina Brown



Welcome Landsharks!


You have taken a huge step towards a positive future by choosing to be a shark. At OCA, our mission statement guides everything we do. Through rigorous academics, elite athletics and the opportunity to graduate with up to sixty earned college credits we continually strive to provide “next level” education. Now, in our seventh school year, we have had many athletic and academic successes and our plan is to continue to improve, get better, and dream bigger.

As a charter school, we have a wonderful opportunity to make decisions based on the students and staff in our building. Our students are kind, compassionate and inquisitive. Our staff goes above and beyond, cares deeply, and looks for opportunities to provide amazing instruction. In conjunction with the staff, your responsibilities as students are to maintain our positive culture by demonstrating respect, accountability and the eagerness to learn and grow.

A new school year is an exciting time! Everyone should begin with the end in mind. So, by the last day of the school year, what would you have liked to accomplish, experience and learn? Set those goals today and let us help you achieve them and celebrate along the way.

As a unified school community we celebrate each other’s successes, lift each other up during our challenges and represent our school with pride. We are excited to launch the 2022-2023 school year with our incredibly talented staff and your ongoing support and partnership!


With gratitude,

Christina Brown

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