Students seeking to enroll in Oceanside Collegiate Academy’s Dual Enrollment Program

must meet a set of dual enrollment admissions criteria. 

Please allow at least 30 mins. to read the program information and complete the online application.

1. Complete the TTC online application.

2. Print the Signature Page & Sign

3. Scan/email the page to kbeckham@landsharks.org

for approval (if you are unable to print or scan, let us know).

Trident Tech Course Request

A student who would like to take a course directly through TTC on their campus, must first submit a request for the course(s)

and receive approval from guidance.



To view semester Dual Enrollment Grades: 
1.       Log into http://my.tridenttech.edu

2.       Click on TTC Express for Credit Students

3.       Click on Academic Profile

4.       Click on Grades

5.       Select the appropriate term/semester and click Submit

Course Withdrawal Request

Students who wish to withdraw from a Dual Enrollment Course must complete this form.

Final Grade < 65% Tuition Fee
$275.00 + 4.00 online convenience fee
Please click here for the payment link