Current Students who plan to return to Oceanside for the 22-23 school year
are required to submit by 9/30/21:

1. Intent to Return Form (emailed home)
2. Fees for the 22-23 Year (below)

2022-2023 Student Fees

Current Students & Siblings 
Lottery Applicants - to be paid at the time of enrollment offer

If you are experiencing financial hardship and feel you may qualify for reduced fees,
please complete the application and submit to

Payment may also be made by check in the OCA front office to avoid the online convenience fees.

Instructional Suplies Fee $75 
(plus $2.50 convenience fee)

Laptop Insurance Fee $50 
(plus $2.50 convenience fee)

Please note: The fees are intended to hold your child's enrollment spot at Oceanside
for the specified year and are non-refundable.

If an insurance policy is used to replace a school computer, the replacement computer will require the purchase of
another $50 computer insurance policy for the full insurance plans premium.