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2023-24 Parking Decals
1. Complete the Student Parking Registration Form.
2. Pay the annual parking fee of $50 here
3. Pick up your parking decal at the Back-to-the-Tank Day.
Please email Ms. McCants with any questions:
Students who drive to school, must register and purchase a new student decal every year,
for each vehicle they plan to drive. Oceanside Collegiate Academy is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked on campus.

Student Drivers and School Parking


Driving to school is considered a privilege. Students who drive their own vehicles to and from school must comply with the following rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in an immediate disciplinary meeting and/or action.


Student Driver Information


Students who drive to and from school will be asked to provide the following information on the parking registration form:

            • Student’s Driver’s License number

            • Parent and/or Guardian name and signature

            • Car make and model and license plate number of each vehicle the student may be driving

            • Automobile Insurance Policy Number and expiration date


The interior of student vehicles, including such things as trunks, glove compartments, and personal belongings within a vehicle, may be searched whenever a school official has reason to believe a student is violating school policies, school rules or federal or state law. When a school official needs to gain access to the interior of a vehicle parked on school premises, for purposes of conducting a search, an administrator shall first ask the student to provide access. If a student refuses to provide the school official with access to the interior of his/her vehicle, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action, to include suspension and expulsion.


Cars without OCA parking tags will be towed at owner’s expense. Failure to obey traffic laws and regulations while on OCA property or easements, as well as failure to adhere to OCA’s rules and expectations noted in this Student Handbook, may result in a parking permit being revoked. Students are expected to drive and park, safely and courteously. 

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