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Board Elections are April 29, 2019

In preparing for Board Elections 2019-2020, please look at this year’s candidates. Voting will take place on Monday, April 29th from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on campus.  Our goal is to have a Board of Regents with relationships in place which can help our students get noticed at the next level, whether college, military or the work force.

Parents receive one vote per student enrolled at Oceanside.  Newly elected board members will be sworn in during May's board meeting.

Oceanside Collegiate Academy Candidates for Board Seats  2019-2020:

Alicia Benton – parent

Rick Feinberg - parent

John W. Holladay - parent

Nora Howard - current board member

Danny Kay Johnson Jr.- community member

Dr. Gary Nestler – parent

Sandra Althen Patrick – community member

Kira Perdue – current board member

Jeff Sebuck - parent

Danielle Traverse - current board member

Doug Weeks – parent

John Wiggins – parent


Alicia Benton:

My name is Alicia Benton, and I am excited to be a part of the OCA family. I have a vested interest in the achievements and operations of the OCA Board, as I currently have a Junior attending OCA.  I also have a current college Freshman who graduated from OCA and attests to how OCA has prepared him for college life.  I believe in OCA’s values and remain excited about witnessing and participating in the school’s future success.  I am interested in a Board position because I believe in OCA’s culture and mission.  I believe in its mission of helping students who seek the opportunity and challenge of rigorous academics and outstanding athletics.  Further, I love our students, our teachers, our parents, and our community.  I am currently pursuing my Doctorate Degree.  In addition to my educational achievements, I also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to get along with people of all backgrounds and environments, and the ability to advocate for our students and school.  I am confident I would be a valuable asset to OCA’s Board of Directors and appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications.

Rick Feinberg:

Rick Feinberg is a Regional Business Manager for Czech Republic based Preciosa International; a bespoke decorative lighting company that designs and manufactures custom lighting for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.  His responsibilities include sales, customer service and project management for the mid-Atlantic and southeast USA.

Rick is also the founder and principal owner of locally owned and operated Charleston Speed Academy and is certified by the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE).  Since 2013, Rick has been dedicating his time outside of his primary work responsibilities with Preciosa to working with local middle school and high school athletes.  Regardless of sport, all athletes have the benefit of a one on one personal assessment of their speed, agility and sport specific skills before Rick consults with their parents and implements an action plan to help these athletes strive for greatness and compete at the highest level. 

For over 20 years, Rick has held positions in senior level executive management leading, managing and collaborating with teams of people throughout North America with total integrity and pure professionalism.  He has always sought and served people who are just as passionate as he is to achieve a common goal.   Rick is an enthusiastic, light-hearted guy who attributes his success to having an open mind, being fair, holding people accountable, and using sound judgement.  He strongly believes continuous education is the foundation for growth and greatness.

Rick has personal relationships with collegiate coaches, directors of player personnel, directors of development and various strength & conditioning coaches .  Since 2000, he has volunteered his time on game day traveling all over the country helping the head athletic trainers and medical staff for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers.  He has over 900 Connections on LinkedIn comprised of Owners, CEO’s, President’s, Vice Presidents & other Senior Level Executives.

John W. Holladay:  

I would be honored to serve on the Oceanside Collegiate Academy Board of Directors. With my daughter attending her freshman year at OCA and my wife as a retired teacher, I am closely impacted by the challenges our teachers face. I am personally invested in helping teachers obtain the resources needed to properly educate our children. 

My current position as Business Development Manager for the Town of Mount Pleasant and economic development career provides me many connections with high-level business people in the Charleston area and across the state. Daily, I interact with both small and large businesses at the executive level.  

I have completed large economic development projects in all areas of the State of South Carolina including Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Beaufort, Aiken, and Fort Mill. Through my prior experience with Santee Cooper and my Economic Development experience in Columbia, I have built an extensive list of contacts that include local and state elected officials.   

I know I can help students reach the next level, whether it be college, military, or the workforce. I would love the opportunity to serve the students and faculty at OCA by serving on your Board of Directors.  


• Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Ex-Officio member

• Business Development Manager, Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 2018 – Present.

• Commercial Program Manager, Santee Cooper, Moncks Corner, South Carolina. 2011 – 2018.

• Economic Development Senior Project Manager, Columbia, South Carolina. 2004 – 2010.

Nora Howard:

My name is Nora Howard.  I am a parent of a freshman lacrosse player at OCA and a 7th grader at Cario who will be going to OCA in a couple years.  I became closely involved in the development and ultimate charter of OCA in 2015 and have served on the board as Secretary since the inception of the board.  I have participated in the state charter school conferences in order to develop my abilities to contribute to the OCA Board of Directors. I am passionate about OCA as I see it as a unique business model and a leader in charter schools - an example of what’s possible when determined minds work together. I have spoken in front of the state charter school district to assist in the facilitation of our charter sponsor moving to Erskine.

My professional background is in sales and I have 30 years of experience building relationships and gaining professional development throughout my career.  After graduating from East Carolina University with my Bachelor degree, I attended Meredith College where I earned an MBA. I have served on the board of the Charleston Junior Women’s Club as Vice President for Fundraising that I feel will be useful during the capital campaign for the OCA sportsplex.  During my early time in Charleston I also facilitated the start of the Charleston Chapter of the ECU Pirate Club.  I have lived and been active in our community for 30 years.   I don’t feel like my work at OCA is done, therefore, I would appreciate your vote for OCA Board member. 

Danny Kay Johnson Jr.:

Instead of producing a resume, I'll go with the sticking points on the Board Member Application Sheet that exemplifies my ability to help OCA move forward on the mission and vision to help students get to the NEXT LEVEL.

A former North Carolina High School Player of the Year, all-conference Division 1, and 11year professional basketball player (NBA, D-League, and European Leagues) -Due to a long career, I've established relationships that vast over the high school, college, and professional levels. Most of the coaches I played for, teammates I've worked with, and staff involved have stayed in the business becoming head/assistant coaches across multiple organizations. Based on my experience and relationships with established professional coaches, it's only a phone call away putting kids on their "watchlist" for perspective student-athletes and have a built-in trust factor with them when I bring a player to their attention. The most recent article on this can be found at:

• Currently the Color Analyst for College of Charleston Men's Basketball (airs on ESPN 94.7fm, ESPN910am and streamed

I've been contracted by Learfield Communications for this position for 8 seasons now at the College of Charleston. This allows me to have instant access to all sports media outlets in the Lowcountry and South Carolina.  I've been contacted by almost all of them to provide news, quotes, and information about the sports scene. This can provide a major marketing push for OCA by multiple media outlets for athletes.

Elected in February 2019 to serve on the South Carolina Athletics Hall of Fame Board - This board is made up of South Carolina business leaders, and most importantly, about 40+ current and retired collegiate Athletic Directors and coaches from across the state. Many of them are still actively involved in their institution's recruitment and can see as valuable assets to bring awareness to the talent at OCA. Our most recent inductees this May can be found at: or

College of Charleston Cougar Club Board Member:  A two-term member of this board, I was voted on to be a consultant on how to market, fundraise, and boost fan participation in College of Charleston sports. This knowledge and information can be valuable in any fundraising endeavors that OCA may embark on. We have an extensive list of donors who may be interested in making contributions to more institutions.

• Charleston County School District Career and Technology Advisory Board -I was elected to this board four years ago to help the district decide what programs should go to the appropriate schools based on population, demographic, and surveys expressing the student's future plans. We to offer the programs that the students view as beneficial to attaining their goals after high school.

• Medal of Honor Bowl Committee Member: Finally, this committee was put together to produce a college bowl game in our wonderful city of Charleston, SC. It began as a post-college showcase bowl for seniors, that ended up having multiple players being drafted to the NFL. We were able to produce this game in 2014 and 2015 with success, but a new NCAA moratorium on bowl games (mostly dealing with stadium dimensions) caused the project to be suspended in 2017. There are current talks to bring a stadium up to the requirements and embark a mission to reintroduce a traditional NCAA bowl game.

I can help Oceanside achieve its mission to get students to their “Next Level”!

Dr. Gary Nestler:

Following a successful career practicing medicine, as the Founder and Director of Integrative Medicine, at the Medical University of South Carolina, serving as a member of the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, and teaching Public Safety and Emergency Management at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I transitioned in 2008 to become IBM’s global Public Safety leader and served as a key member of a world-wide senior leadership team until 2017. 

Currently, as a Senior Vice President and investor in a safety and security operational and analytics technology company responsible for strategy, branding and capital growth financing, I am desiring the opportunity to serve on a local academic institutional Board of Directors that helps to develop the next generation of critical thinkers, influencers and leaders.  

Additionally, for the last several years, holding the position of the Chairman of the Board of the Charleston Police Fund, remaining active as a Captain in the Fire Service, working with the command staff of a local law enforcement SWAT team, and remain as an FBI Infragard member,  I am confident that the above unique mix of real-world experiences and strategic qualifications would prove to be very beneficial as a Board of Directors member of Oceanside Collegiate Academy.  

It would be an honor and privilege to serve as a member of the Board of Directors and appreciate any consideration towards the opportunity of an appointment.  

Sandra Althen Patrick:

Sandra is a local Mt. Pleasant Business Owner that has lived in Mt, Pleasant for over 20 years.  A native of Hanahan, SC and a graduate of Hanahan High School and the College of Charleston, Sandra is a product of local education on many levels.  Sandra’s commitment to see Oceanside Academy succeed comes from three distinct areas: As an active member of our community, as a local business owner that works in the real state field; and finally, as a parent to children who will hopefully get an education at Oceanside.

As a long standing and active member of the Mt. Pleasant community, Sandra understands what having a school like Oceanside as a viable option means to our residents.  For years, the only choices in schools were huge and overcrowded public schools, or the very small private and expensive schools.  Another option in school choice for the community raises the bar for everyone, and will help not only the Oceanside Students, but all students in our community as the school continues to set the bar.

As owner and founder of Professional Real Estate Closers, LLC, Sandra has helped with thousands of real estate closings over the last 17 years, and has noticed that the availability of quality schools has a direct and measurable impact on housing prices in the area.  Better housing brings in new community members that may also share passion for ensuring the community has quality choices in school options.

And finally, as a parent to children who will attend Oceanside, she recognizes the potential for the quality education Oceanside provides for its students.  Both Sandra, and her husband Dennis. attended high schools with small class sizes in Charleston, and both understand the impact that not having 1000 students in each grade can have.  Oceanside’s unique approach to education gives the right family the opportunity to learn in a non-traditional setting, but with the good quality and timeless traditions that make an incredible high school experience for our children.

Sandra would like your vote for a position on the OCA board so that she can bring her community and business knowledge and her passion to provide her kids and all kids in the community an opportunity to consider Oceanside.  Thanks, you for your support.  

Kira Perdue:

I am a Marketing/PR and Branding communications executive with over 25 years of experience in helping companies and non-profits build their brand on a regional and national level via messaging, media and social media campaigns. I also am experienced in crisis communications, ensuring accurate, truthful information is made public, while minimizing rumor. I have worked with senior executives at both start-up and Fortune 100 companies such as Verizon Wireless, Target, Sun Microsystems and Earthlink. I currently operate my own consulting business, providing strategic counsel and account management to PR agencies and companies across the country.

My son will become an OCA student this fall, but I consider myself a “Landshark” already, having proudly served on the OCA Board of Directors since the beginning of this school’s history, helping create the school’s brand and reputation via strategic messaging, proactive media coverage and community involvement. Beyond the Board meetings, however, I will do whatever it takes. I have often rolled up my sleeves and helped landscape, clean and fundraise for OCA. I am extremely committed to our students’ success and very much want to see OCA continue to grow into not just a local “power house” (of which we are well on our way to achieving) but a national example of the power of our charter concept.

Additionally, I have quite a bit of community relations experience, having managed all PR/media relations for TEDxCharleston and having sat on the boards of both the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and My Sister’s House, a non-profit dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. I also managed all direct-to-community relations for Verizon Wireless in the state of Georgia for 15 years. In 2008 I was named to the Charleston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 and earned a degree in journalism/PR from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Other facts about me:

• I love the sport of football. My father taught me to run routes before I was 8 and I spent every Saturday next to him on the couch watching every college game. I still do that today with my Dad.

• I’ve been watching my son play soccer for 10 years and I think I finally understand “offsides” in that sport. Maybe.

• The Lowcountry is the only place I’ve ever lived that truly feels “home.”

• Both of my kids are adopted and I will talk about the awesomeness of adoption with anyone who asks.

• I come from a long line of anglers and love to fish. I earned two “Fish Ohio” awards before I graduated high school.

• Food is my favorite art form, especially as an example of local cultures. I will, literally, eat anything.

• As the daughter of a teacher, I’m an annoying grammar nerd and have to pinch myself from correcting other people.

• I do not understand how people can sit still during a live concert. I must dance. (much to the ongoing embarrassment of my children).

Jeff Sebuck:

My name is Jeff Sebuck and I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors at OCA again. I have served on the original Board, in McClellanville, and again, the following year, when we moved into the new school in Mount Pleasant.

I am 48 years old and I am married to Shari Sebuck. We have two sons – Dylan Sebuck (Junior at OCA and plays Football) and Cameron Sebuck (8th Grader at Laing Middle and plays basketball for Laing and Baseball for the Jr. River Dogs and attending OCA next year).

I graduated from Michigan State with a Degree in Packaging Engineering in 1994. I worked in Automotive Packaging for the first 18 years, mostly on the Sales side of the business. I moved to Mount Pleasant, SC in 2000. In 2006, I developed, designed, built, owned and operated Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park through 2011. Currently, I am the Senior Commodity Buyer, for the US and Canada, at Bosch in Charleston.

I have been involved in sports my entire life. I played football, baseball, and ran Track in High School. I have also enjoyed coaching in the local area for the past 13 years and earned “Coach of the Year” from MPRD in 2010. Also, I currently serve as the Home Owners President of my community, Planter’s Pointe, in Mt. Pleasant. I have been a member of the board for the past 15 years. Recently, I spearheaded a project in our neighborhood to build a State of the Art outdoor basketball complex with stadium lighting, coated with a soft colored playing surface and 6 baskets. The project was $100,000, and was finished on time and within budget. This is just one example of many projects I have been responsible for managing between my professional and my volunteer work.

I believe I would be a valuable asset to the Board of Directors with my past Board experience, as well as my experiences in both the professional world and the athletic & recreational world. My ability to work with, mediate, and communicate well with others, will benefit OCA and the Board in all situations. I am a visionary and enjoy working with start-up businesses and opportunities. With Oceanside Collegiate Academy still a ‘new’ school, I feel my skill sets and experience will serve the Board and the school well.

My passion is for kids and families. I have always enjoyed getting involved and making a positive difference in the community for our families. I have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset and work very hard to achieve goals. I believe my life and career experiences have afforded me a skill set that can help with the continuation of OCA’s development and growth going forward. I ask for your vote to serve you on the Board of Directors, and I thank you for your consideration.

Danielle Traverse:

Hi everyone. My name is Danielle Traverse and am I am writing to you today to ask for your vote in the upcoming OCA board elections. I have had the honor of serving on this incredible board from the beginning and have loved watching this school come together and grow into the amazing institution it is today. As a mom of two current Oceanside students, it is extremely important to me that we work hard towards the continued growth of Oceanside while maintaining the small family environment that we have today. Many families are still confused and have questions regarding how this school works and I love going out and chatting with these them and making sure they understand all the opportunities OCA offers in both academics and athletics. My boys love everything that this school currently has to offer and I know there is so much more to come and with your vote, I would be happy to do my part. Thank you for your time and consideration.  Again my name is Danielle Traverse and I am hoping to retain a seat on the Oceanside Board of Directors.

Doug Weeks:

A little bit about me and my family.  My son Cameron is a junior at OCA (an original Landshark) and plays lacrosse.  I have an older son who is a freshman at USC and plays on their club ice hockey team, along with two daughters who are in middle school.

I am a 1992 graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Economics.   Professionally, I’ve worked at several professional services firms including Booz Allen Hamilton, Booz & Company, and PWC.  I am currently employed by Ares Management LLC, a Los Angeles based alternative asset investment firm where I help run firmwide corporate services and head the global travel program.

I have significant experience serving on boards in various capacity.   I am currently the President of the South Carolina Scholastic Hockey Association (SCSHA) which is the governing body for high school hockey in the state of South Carolina and work closely with the national USA Hockey association.

Professionally, I’ve served on the Board of Directors for the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) from 2013-15 representing over 4,000 members worldwide.  I have also serves as the President of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) in 2008-09.

My business acumen and previous and current roles in leadership/board capacity can help OCA and our Landshark students.   My previous experience on various boards has taught me that as a board member, how critical it is to focus on overall strategy and direction for the organization and be forward thinking versus thinking operationally or in the past.  How do we create programs to help our students find future opportunities whether it be athletically or academically?  That is what I believe I can bring; help in setting that direction and finding those opportunities.

John Wiggins:

Born in Anderson, South Carolina, raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa for nine years and returned to the United States attending High School in Clemson, SC. Entered the US Naval Academy after high school and upon graduation, was commissioned an Officer in the US Marine Corps. Served in the U. S. Marine Corps for 30 years in both active and reserve status retiring from active duty in 2014. Served mainly as a Supply and Logistics Leader.

Since retirement from the Marine Corps, have worked with a non-profit in North Charleston called Palmetto Warrior Connection (PWC) whose purpose is to help transitioning Veterans in the areas of employment, housing, Veteran Education benefits, and Veteran Medical benefits. Have served as the Operations Manager for the past 4 years overseeing Veteran Advocates in the above areas. PWC is partner of Palmetto Goodwill of the Lowcountry.

Have extensive leadership and personal management experience. Have been in charge of large and multi-faceted military organizations. Have been responsible for strategic planning, multi-year budgeting, training, and organizational management.

As a military leader, have spent almost my entire career leading junior personnel which includes influencing their career advancement through education and training. This includes instilling attributes that lead to personal and professional development.

While working in the non-profit area over the past 4 years, have built relationships with other non-profits, area businesses, state and local government entities, and all of the local post-secondary education institutions such as Trident Technical College, College of Charleston, the Citadel, Charleston Southern University, and ECPI.

In addition to my military and civilian experience, I have extensive experience in the area of athletics. Having been a multi-sport athlete in high school, playing collegiate athletics, playing for the All-Marine Soccer team, having previously coached and refereed at both the high school and collegiate level, I understand the needs of achieving student athletes.  Additionally, I have a M.S. degree in Athletic Administration from Georgia State University.

With my extensive experience leading and counseling young people in both professional and athletic environments, I feel that I am exceptionally qualified to help Oceanside Collegiate Academy (OCA) improve on its mission and vision in helping student-athletes become highly prepared for reaching their goals at the NEXT LEVEL of their Life’s journey.  Areas that could facilitate this would be increasing exposure to business and non-profit internships, networking with the influential leaders of the Charleston community, and identifying research exposure opportunities. Also, helping OCA continue to hire educators and faculty of outstanding quality for our students.

Have served on a HOA Board of Directors. Have been an Adult Leader with the Boy Scouts of America for approximately the past 5 years. Worked closely with Trident United Way for the last 3 years.  Advisory Board member of Global E-dentity company.

DON'T FORGET: Voting will take place on Monday, April 29th from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on campus. 

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