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SENIORS: Personalize your Parking Spot

(Read Carefully)

Come have fun with your friends and show your SHS pride by painting on your own personal cement canvas!

DATE: Friday, October 13, 2023

PAINTING TIME: 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.

• Purchase a parking permit by showing proof of a valid driver license, current proof of insurance, complete a parking permit application, pay the yearly parking fee and have no outstanding fees.

• Pay the extra fee of $10 to personalize your spot.

• Turn in the completed painting approval form and sketch.

SENIORS are the only students who have this purchase option.

• NO senior parking spot may be painted until approved by OCA Administration. Approved forms will be given to Mrs. Peirano.

o All design forms must be turned in to the front office and approved by OCA Administration prior to painting. All designs must be within the OCA student code of conduct – so no references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, guns, offensive language, or inappropriate behavior, etc. Keep it Classy!

o There will be a $10 painting fee.

o You are required to purchase all your supplies and all paint must meet requirements.

Guidelines for your sketch:

• Think of your parking spot as a t-shirt you want to wear to school.

• You can use your name, include your jersey number, favorite quote, instrument you play, reflect your favorite teams, show school spirit, or favorite hobbies.

• Your spot should be fun and reflect who you are as a person.

• Adhere to the OCA Student Code of Conduct.

Paint Requirements:

• Paint must be Exterior Latex Paint – Water Based (not an oil based paint). Talk to the paint department about what you are doing and let them help you with paints, how much to purchase, and colors.

à If you use any other paint, you will be responsible for the cost of removing the paint. ß

What to bring on paint day:

• Proof of parking permit purchase from OCA. You must be on the parking pass list.

• Paint and paint brushes or rollers, paint can opener, paint trays

• Masking tape or painter’s tape to tape off the lines around your spot and the parking space number before you start painting. You must leave four inches from the parking lot line on all sides.

• Broom to sweep off parking space and clean-up supplies.

• NO air or airless paint sprayers permitted, NO spray paint.

• Trash bags to clean up.

**Prohibited, unapproved, or variation of submitted designs will be painted over at the discretion of the Principal. Disciplinary action may be taken and student may forfeit their right to a parking space and/or the right to drive on campus.

No Refunds after you have painted your spot. No touch-ups or repainting after October 13 unless you have permission and supervision from Mrs. Perieno.

Materials Needed and Suggestions:

Paint: Paint must be exterior water-based paint (not an oil based paint). Talk the paint department about what you are doing and let them help you with paints, how much to purchase, and colors. You will have to buy paint in gallons for the background, so it is suggested you discuss with friends to share your colors. You may want to buy pints for detail colors. If you want a completely solid background, then get more than 1 gallon. Don't forget to buy the paint tray and paint can opener.

Talk with Your Friends: If you are using the same colors then you could purchase the paint together and share.

Chalk: Use chalk to draw what you want to paint on the solid background color and to trace any writing. The chalk will wash off. You could also create stencils or print out a picture of your design and freehand draw it.

Paint Brushes and Rollers: Make sure you get a lot of paint brushes and rollers and to have at least one for each color that will be used. Use a paint roller for the background and the paint brushes for all the details.

Painters Tape: Use the painter’s tape to outline the spot so you don't paint over the lines or on your neighbor’s spot. You must put two pieces of two-inch painter’s tape around your parking spot and above the space number (for a total of four inches). You can use painter’s tape to outline your design, but keep in mind that it does not stick to the ground well. You must purchase your own painter’s tape.

Hula hoop (optional): A hula hoop is a great tool to use if you are having any sort of larger circle incorporated into your design.

Broom or Leaf Blower: It is important to clean off your spot before you even start painting it. Use a broom to get all the leaves, dirt, mulch, and pine straw off your spot. If you want it to be really clean, use a leaf blower to get everything out of the divots.

Cloths or paper towels: Painting is messy so make sure you have something to wipe your hands on like a cold cloth or paper towels.

Towel: It's not too comfortable sitting on the ground for long periods of time so bring a towel to sit on.

Paint Roller Extension Pole: This is super important to expedite the process of painting the background color and super helpful so you don't have to bend down or sit to paint the majority of the spot.


1. Choose a design and draw it out to make sure that you can do it. This can be about you or about your school. This must be appropriate, follow all OCA rules and procedures, and must be approved by administration before you are allowed to paint.

2. Buy your supplies. Be sure to buy the correct paint. If you are painting the entire spot, we recommend at least one gallon paint can for a background color. For details we suggest getting pint sized or sample sized paint cans. Make sure you get ample paint brushes and paint rollers along with the paint roller extension.

3. Clean off your parking spot. Use a broom or leaf blower to clean off your spot and get all the dirt, leaves, and whatever else is on your spot.

4. Paint your parking spot. If you are using painter’s tape, outline your spot before you start painting. First paint your base coat using a paint roller. The more paint you have the more solid the background will be. The paint should not take too long to dry. Next, paint on the designs that you want. We suggest you draw them out in chalk before painting.

Approval Form: Sketch of Parking Spot. You must be detailed and show or list colors, all words, and all drawings. You must leave four inches around the entire perimeter of the parking spot including the top and bottom of the parking spot. Turn this page in to the front office when you purchase your parking spot with $10 fee in addition to parking permit application fee. We will approve and give to Mrs. Peirano for you to have when painting.

Download the form and turn in to the office at OCA. Pay fee by clicking the button below.

Parking spot approval form
Download PDF • 81KB

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