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"I came to Oceanside as a quiet, shy student beginning my junior year. The class sizes were significantly smaller than any I’d ever had, and I was encouraged to participate in a sport that I’d been wanting to do but never had the encouragement to do. The half-day schedule allowed me to participate in sports, school, and also have a part time job. It taught me time-management early on which many students don’t develop until at least their second semester of college. The coaches, teachers, and staff genuinely cared and still care about me. Walking through the doors of Oceanside will always feel like home, and I know it’s a place where I can find authentic and honest people. I met some of my best friends through the small class sizes and the teams I played on. The faculty want to know you beyond the surface level. The small setting allows for the faculty to know your name, and you’ll feel more like a person rather than just a number. Little did I know that shy, quiet girl would gain so much confidence, outspokenness, and courage because of Oceanside. I can’t imagine graduating from any other school because Oceanside is just such a unique community."
 - Alumna 
"OCA allows everyone to push themselves to their fullest potential. Teachers here actually care and wish to help their students. On behalf of those students that are enrolled in college courses, those who are in special clubs for their own passion, those that are able to play the sport they love, and those who found those lifetime friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Alumnus
"My son has always hated school, even when he was little. I know (he) is not your "typical" OCA student. But I want you to know how grateful I am for the environment you've created. Although school is still a struggle, (my son) feels comfortable.  He feels his teachers care for him and listen, and he even feels (the Principal) cares and listens. He says he feels like he is treated like an adult. I've never heard him talk this way. So even though this school was created for athletes, I just wanted you to know that you've created a school where even kids who are "a little bit different " can feel at home. It's awesome!"
- Parent
"I am a new shark parent this year.  I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the passion for the students that you relay in your weekly updates.  I have been a teacher for 24 years and have had two previous kids go through high school - so I know what updates look like in various forms.  I have never felt the passion and the high expectations you portray for your students from any other high school principal.  I truly appreciate the educational environment that you are creating.  This environment is completely why my family is willing to commute the long distance so that our child can attend Oceanside.  Again, thank you for your "worry wart" personality and the passion you have for my child and others to succeed."

"You have no idea how much as a mother I truly have loved this school. (Our son) went to his orientation last week, declared his major, and will be starting school next year as a sophomore. (We were) blown away from all his credits! You all handled (some difficult moments) with amazing grace, humility, and kindness. Thank you once again for that. With friendship, size, sports, education, and family but most importantly the child grows within themselves."

- Parent

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Oceanside. When anyone ask me about Oceanside I rarely mention sports. I tell them about the time our principal called my son into her office to just talk and see how he was doing. I mention that when (my son was struggling) at the end of last year, the assistant principal and academic counselor sat down with him and not only encouraged him, but told him they believed in him . It was a life changing moment for him. It is easy to believe in the "perfect" kids, but I've been really impressed and grateful for how well y'all have treated the not-so-perfect."

- Parent

"I am truly thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to be surrounded by coaches who love her as their own and want her to succeed just as much as I do. Go Landsharks!"

- Parent

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